Climb the One Hundred Thousand Pyramid on Virgin Slots


Virgin Slots does not believe in boredom. They have teamed up with game shows to produce incredible action for their players. A great example is the one hundred thousand pyramid game. The game plays like most other slots games until you get three or more winnerís circles on the reels. They do not have to be in line. They do not need to connect. They just need to show on the five reels. You have 15 visible locations for those winnerís circles symbols to show up. If they do, the action gets wild.

You quickly jump from playing traditional multi-line slots to being in the midst of a battle to climb the pyramid. Can you answer the questions? Can you reach the top and get the multipliers that can increase your winnings and earn bonus spins? The fun never stops when you are playing on Virgin Slots.

Remember, you do not have to ever get the winnerís circles symbols to win on this game. Every spin has a chance to be a winner. You have five reels of action and up to 20 pay lines. That does not mean you have 20 chances to have a single winner. That means you have 20 different chances to win. You can win a prize for multiple play lines on a single spin. It is a great way to increase your fun.

Do you want to have some free spins online casinos slots fun before you place bets on the Pyramid? Just click the demo button before you start playing. You get the same fast-paced action. Virgin Slots provides you with 5,000 credits to use in demo mode so you can try all of their games, or perfect your play in one. You can have fun while learning how the game works. It is a great way to explain the games to your friends, too. Just sit them down at a computer, open the site, and let them play some demo rounds of your favorite Virgin Slots games.

Do not forget. You can use those demo credits on every slots game, bingo game, or casino card games offered on Virgin Slots. You might love slots as your first passion, but maybe it is time to expand your game playing adventure. Explore the site using your demo credits and then choose where you want to play the live action games. Will you choose to climb the Pyramid?